About Us

Welcome To Glocal Healthcare

Glocal healthcare Systems Pvt Ltd is a chain of hospitals bringing state-of-the-art Medical facilities, Infrastructure along with Technology and Skills closer to under-served India. With a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled doctors and practitioners for world class patient care and treatment, Glocal provides secondary level healthcare, addressing 95% of the disease load in the country, constituted by 42 conditions & diseases.

We at Glocal believe that hospitals are meant to deliver health. Healthcare interventions, like medicines, investigation and surgeries are only important if they can restore the health of a patient. The basic business operating strategy has been to cut frills and keep costs at a minimum.

The hospitals run on a process based & outcome oriented system exclusively focusing on the health and wellness needs thereby providing outstanding medical services at a price point that provides maximum access to the intended audience.

Social Impact in 5 years

  • 11 operational hospitals in difficult geographies across India and many more under construction
  • LitmusDx – Clinical Decision Support System launched
  • Hellolyf.com – Virtual Clinic Functional
  • Digital Dispensaries – Intermediated Remote Primary Care Centres
  • Over 600,000 patients seen till date
  • Over 90,000 patients hospitalized till date
  • Over 70,000 surgeries done till date
  • Over 5000 lives at risk saved
  • Over 1000 full time employment created
  • Over 700 part time employment created
  • Over 56000 people trained and over 39000 people given jobs through external placement

We are Proud to share our OUTCOMES:

In the most medically under-served areas of the country where such services did not exist.

  • Glocal ICU had a mortality rate of 10.64% compared to a US average of 12.5% (Changes in hospital mortality for United States intensive care unit admissions from 1988 to 2012 Jack E Zimmerman, Andrew A Kramer, Critical Care 2013)
  • An Indian average of 18.1% (Intensive Care in India: The Indian Intensive Care Case Mix and Practice Patterns Study, Divatia, Amin et al, Indian J Crit Care Med. 2016 Apr; 20(4): 216–225)

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive primary and secondary healthcare in medically underserved areas, using a rational, technology-based standardized platform. Glocal stands for Global quality, delivered at a Local level.

Our Vision

1. Be the best Healthcare provider in India
2. Be the largest care provider in the country, with a network of 500 hospitals pan-India
3. Create a system of continuous improvement by fostering a 360 degree cycle of data collection, intervention and feedback

Our Values

1. From Primary care to Tertiary care
2. From Brick and Mortar to Virtual
3. From Acute Care to Elective care
4. From remote Villages to Town
5. Lowest cost of delivery of healthcare
6. Highest quality of healthcare & outcomes than the big expensive brands of the country
7. Higher patient satisfaction than other known brands

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